Hello there,

My name is Alexander Dischberg (Full-Stack and mobile app developer)

based in Malaysia. I'm a fast learner and bloom wherever i'm planted.

my legal name is asyraf however.

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Tools that i use

These are my top 6 tools that i use the most.

I love to explore new language and framework especially when i got a project in mind.

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop cross platform apps for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia and the web from a single codebase. I use flutter to develop cross platform mobile apps and desktop app.

Python is an interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language. Python provide more readability and faster iteration to develop prototype server side application. I usually used python for quick code doodling and prove of concept. I also use FastAPI which is a python high performance web framework

Svelte is a free and open-source front end compiler that generates code to manipulate the DOM, which may reduce the size of transferred files as well as give better client startup and run-time performance. Svelte can be use on the server for SSR, CSR and even as SSG with sveltekit, sapper, elderjs or plenti.

Javascript is one of the core language of the web. I used javascript in combination with nodejs for server side or for automation scripting. I also use javascript extensively for web related development such as creating a browser extension and sometimes i add typescript on top of it.

Figma is a web-based vector graphics editor and prototyping tool. I use figma for all my design whether its desktop, web or mobile app design.

VSCode or Visual Studio Code is an open source code editor by Microsoft that can function as a full blown integrated development environment with additional plugins. I use VSCode as my main code editor for any language i work with now.

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